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Primal Medical Technologies is a start up. We had our beginnings at Deakin University, coming out of the School of Engineering, In particular, the Design Research and the Medical Research Groups based in CADET. With the advancement of manufacturing and the uptake of 3D printing, the ability to rapidly produce patient-specific products and prototypes; this means that product development and the time to market has been reduced. Primal med uses these principles to provide fast, 'just in time' products to solve the problems where they happen. With Primal med based at Runway Geelong, an accelerator and incubator, it means the mentality of rapid progress isn't just about our products, it's a principle that drives Primal med. Through Runway Primal med is partnering with multi-nationals to ensure the best techniques are used, to provide the best service for you.


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Angus Fitzpatrick

From working as a Research Engineer at Deakin University, to founding a startup, Angus has worked in product development in the construction, defence and medical industries. He has won the People's Choice, Young Australian Designer of the Year, Good Design Australia Award. Angus has presented at conferences around the world, and has a number of published scientific articles.

Email: angus@primalmedical.tech


M.E., BMedDes, Current

B.E., Mech, 2015

B.Sc., CompSci, 2015