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It all started when...

We make having a broken arm suck a little less.

This is where imagicast can help.Just over a year ago, one of my friends, had some of their hand amputated. This was from an infection, from a break that didn’t heal quiet right. So I thought, why don’t I make them the missing part of her hand? When I met with them, the biggest problem, was the splint that had to worn, every day. For 3 months.


This is where we decided to make her a new splint, one that would be lighter, stronger, and looked good.

After seeing a huge change, they were happy, not hiding it, but in fact they were showing it off. This was the change that we couldn’t dream of. This change, is how everyone should feel.


Why isn’t this something that is available for everyone?

The imagicast system allows this care to be accessed by anyone around the world. All of the hard bits, have been automated, the scanning is completed in almost an instant. This means less error. At the moment, there are working prototypes of the 3D scanner and 3D printer, and an MVP is on the way. The algorithms and process chains for the design, are ready for automation. The future of imagicast is to not only be the most used cast for broken arms in the world, but be the most common system for all bone breaks, splints after surgery. Because, if it can make someone who lost their hand smile, what could it do for everyone that needs a cast/splint/brace.