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portable eye relief

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portable eye relief



what is it?

The RYNSE eye wash has been designed to be a portable eye wash station. As it stands, it can be screwed onto a water bottle in a matter of seconds. They can be put in first aid kits everywhere to reduce the risk of prolonged eye trauma.

Through innovative and ergonomic design, RYNSE is the eye safety system that is as effective as a lab based system, but small enough to fit in your pocket. You can clean your eyes, where ever you are.


Eye Care Innovation

  • Flow dispersion
    • The spray nozzle has been designed to ensure the water covers the entire eye. A turbulent flow ensures the water doesn’t feel hurt your eye.
  • Ergonomic eye piece design
    • The eye cup has been designed to comfortably cover the entire eye, and shaped so it fits each eye.
  • Drainage
    • the eye needs constant, clean water. The drainage allows the water to flow down the bottle, not all over your face.
  • Versatility
    • The Eye shower can be used on most disposable water bottles, meaning that you can get the fast, critical care, required when it comes to eye care.

The story

The RYNSE is designed to be a portable eyewash station. It can be screwed onto a water bottle in a matter of seconds. This will become an addition, or standard piece of equipment in first aid kits to reduce the risk of prolonged eye trauma.

The idea for the RYNSE attachment came from a drive home from water polo, I had to stop 5 times in 20 minutes because my eyes were burning from the chlorine in the pool.  I saw a water bottle sitting next to me, and decided to make an attachment that fits on the top of the bottle, allowing me to wash my eyes out after the game, rather than trying to do it under a tap.

Entering the design into the 2017 Good Design Awards, in the Young Designer of the year category, the design gained 335 likes in 20 days and won the people’s choice award. This showed that there might be an opportunity to commercialise it. Through Runway, the company has set up manufacturing pathways and is looking at distribution and sales networks. With the product being launched at Pivot Summit on the 8th of December in 2017.



Today there was a great article in the Geelong Advertiser about us today, to learn more, Click the link below.


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